What You Should Know
Before You Buy Title Insurance

The first thing any buyer needs to know is that the buyer/borrower can choose the title agent. Your lender or realtor may have recommendations, but the final decision is yours.

Shop for Service

Cost is generally not an issue because most states regulate title insurance rates and fees. There are, however, a number of service issues to consider when choosing a title agency, including:

Knowledge of the industry and local market

In many states, only licensed title producers can sell title insurance. But proficiency goes beyond licensing. Experience is the key factor when it comes to resolving unexpected title issues. That’s where Madison really shines. Our in-house attorneys, paralegals and trained title officers have a depth of knowledge and experience other agencies cannot match.


In most states, Madison brings the closing to the client, wherever that needs to be. The buyer names the time and the place, andwe are there.

Turn-around Time

Many times buyers need a closing to happen fast. Madison can be ready for closing on most residential transactions within 48 to 72 hours. Commercial transactions are also readied for closing in record time.


It is important to work with a title agency that is responsive and makes everyone feel comfortable. Prompt friendly service is the hallmark of the Madison experience.

Cost and Quote

Most states regulate title insurance premiums and most other title-related costs. So costs are the same regardlessof the agency chosen. There are some states (approximately 16) in which title premiums are not regulated. When buying property in one of those states, cost becomes a larger consideration. To find out whether or not any given state regulates title insurance costs, go to our Info-by-State section to learn about how rates are calculated in your state. Whether or not the state regulates title insurance costs, request a breakdown of the costs before closing, so there are no surprises at the closing table.