Bulk Transaction Management

As one of the nation’s leading full-service title agencies, Madison has the skill, experience and backline support in place to facilitate bulk transactions anywhere in the country. From high-volume purchases to multiple dispositions and closings, Madison’s expert team provides essential services for the entire life-cycle of bulk transaction purchases, including:

  • Asset Tracking and Reporting
  • Due Diligence and Volume Search Reports
  • High Volume Document Prep – HUD-1/Settlement Statements, Deeds, Affidavits
  • Deed and Transfer Document Preparation and Recording
  • Disposition Channel Management – Realtor, Broker and Sales Networks
  • National Escrow, Closing and Settlement Services
  • Title and Foreclosure Clearance
  • Skilled Support and Counsel

Additional management support and services include: producing and tracking contracts; undertaking lien, tax and foreclosure searches; providing title insurance, data services and valuation; and contracting and managing field servicers, rental agents, brokers and auction sites.

With a proven track record of residential and commercial service excellence, Madison Title Agency’s team of over 100 attorneys, paralegal and title professionals have handled billions of dollars in representative transactions.